Facilities of Sty-Fun

We are located in Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa), the heart of the machine-tool industry, in the middle of a long industrial tradition and environment with a rich industrial fabric in the metal sector.


The investment continuous that is performed in them means of manufacturing allows to Sty-Fun be prepared to undertake any type of project:

Media manufacturing

  • Pavilion of 3,000 square meters opened in 2006
  • 16 Tn capacity cranes to lift loads up to 32 tons.
  • Height of crane of 7.5 meters.
  • Machines CNC ready for machining parts of up to 13 by 5 by 2 meters.
  • 27,000 hours / year of capacity of machine.
  • Workshop equipped to the detail, with elements of handling advanced as systems weightless.
  • Situation central in the region industrial of the country Basque, to half hour of distance of Bilbao, San Sebastian or Vitoria, as well as to the ports of Bilbao or passages.